Patrick Chimbali

I am Pastor Patrick W Chimbali; married; Malawian and we have four Children: Sarah, Glory, Joshua and our new born, Watipatso (God has given us). Currently I am serving God under God’s Word Ministries in Malawi.  To be specific,the focus is on rural areas where the gospel has not really taken its roots. Our main aim is to bring the word of God to unreached and nurturing them to maturity. My desire is to get a degree in Theology which I am hoping to do online through South African Theological Seminary.

My ministry involves travelling around villages and I do that by cycling and walking on foot which is sometimes tiring. Regardless of that I am grateful to God for giving us growth in our ministry. My Prayer is that the LORD should provide us with funds for my training, our daily living, school fees for our children, transport and a simple house.

Yours in Christ

Patrick and Khumbo Chimbali


Dear Beracah Support Ministry donors, we would like to thank you for kindly supporting us with funds to help us in building our house. Having our own house helps us to continue serving God better as we don’t struggle with house rentals anymore. Many churches struggle to pay pastors due to limited resources and as a result pastors struggle to pay for house rentals. Before we finish our message it is worthwhile to thank Pastor Beaton who is working extra hard to reach out people like us who are doing ministry in rural areas.  Our prayer is that by God’s help more resources could be available for him to continue to reach out to many more who are struggling to fulfill their God given dreams.