Pastor Peter Dick

Pastor Peter Dick is the founder of the Reformed Pentecostal Church of Christ denomination which has six churches in Malawi and one in Mozambique.  He is married to Angela who is being trained alongside him at YWAM.  They have three children: Samuel, Timothy and Blessings.

“I received a vision of Equipping church leaders on 16 march 2014. I had been praying that I may do a certain school towards this vision up to the end of last year coz I had no money. In November last year I met Rev. Beaton when he came to preach at our church.  I shared this vision with him and he promised to stand with me in prayers. In January 2017 God spoke to him that he should support me financially so that I may do school, and he surprised me when he encouraged me to find a school where I can do my studies. By the grace of God I found a place at YWAM where they offer good input towards my call. I thank God for the heart he gave Rev. Beaton coz he paid the fees through Beracah Support Ministry.  Then along the way of our studies our family faced financial challenges (food, rent and school fees) because my three sons with my sister were at home, while my wife and I were doing the course. Again, we were helped with this problem bringing happiness in our family. Praise God. In May at our school, I and my wife, we were chosen to do our outreach in Tanzania and it was expensive but encouragement and provision came.   We so thank God for providing through Beracah Support Ministry! We finished part of our school in July and since then I am seeing God working powerfully wherever I go to teach in seminars and in churches. I beg all believers to join me in prayers so that I will be able to reach some more leaders who are leading in villages and lack knowledge.   I am feeling excited to go and make deciples. Praise God. Amen!!”