Pastor Mofart Louis

Rev. Robbie taught Mofart at EBCoM for three years.  Mofart did plenty of work for the Beaton family during that time to earn some money, including: building a retaining wall, stairs to the garden and a lovely tree-house.  He is married to Gloria and they have two children.

Testimony: “This serves as a report that I have finally finished my studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education – second class Honors Degree (this is an award for scoring 79% on average) on 17 November, 2017. It was a wonderful ceremony at Sheffer hall. What a joy within me!

 It was during the time of my desperation after my business had failed, while being jobless but still with three semesters ahead for me still to be paid for me to finish my studies; two semesters for class work and one semester for teaching practice; that I felt helpless.  At that point in time I felt like I was done. Fear began to grow that I was not going to achieve my goal to serve God as a bi-Vocational pastor.  While praying and fasting for some days it came to mind to write Rev. Rob Beaton for assistance with any piece of job for me to pay for my fees. It came as a surprise to hear a positive response from him; saying: “We are willing to help you with your fees problem to the end of your course, God willing, through the ministry called Beracah Support Ministry.”  Well, I was so glad to learn that it was God’s will for me to be supported this way. Thank you God, thank you Rev Beaton and family, and thank you Beracah Ministry.

Please accept my grateful acknowledgement for both moral and financial support that you and your wife have dedicated to help me complete my studies. Your support through the grant you gave me in paying for my tuition fees allowed me to successfully complete this endeavor. Most importantly, I would like to thank you for coming in to help me when I was about to quit the studies due to the financial challenge. It was with your help that I kept going ahead. 

My goal remains the same: serve as a bi-vocational Pastor with Brethren in Christ Church. I am more than ready to engage with the church here in any ministry assignments now. I am committed to serve the Lord while working and taking care of my family. Currently, am working with a private high school as a teacher. I look forward to the time when I get a permanent job soon.  Attached is my picture in my gown.”