Pastor Lameck Masomphambe

Lameck is an ordained ZEC pastor, a past student of Robbies at EBCoM, and the manager/overseer of a ZEC medical facility at Nthonda.

“Praise the Lord! The things God is doing is like in a dream. Yesterday funds got cleared by the bank, and today got transferred to pay my college course fees.”

“Praise be the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was admitted to the University of Malawi to do a Masters in Public Administration and Management in May, 2018.  But as a family we had no clue about where to find study fees. This is because my salary is too small to support the family and our first born daughter who was also selected to start year one at the same University. So we embarked on serious prayer and fasting with my family and friends until in Sep. 2018 when the Lord answered miraculously through Rev. Robert Beaton, who after I had shared the need earlier on, joined the prayer trail and worked hard to see if the Lord would provide the breakthrough. While we were still praying with faith someone just contacted the Rev. declaring that he wants to assist in an identified area of need and this was my need for fees. It has been a huge assistance amounting to three quarters of the total fees needed. Ooh, thanks well-wisher, thanks Rev. Beaton and Beracah. May God bless you all. Glory be to God the Lord.