Pastor Chikondi Tamaona

Rev. Chikondi Tamaona is presently working as a translator for the Greek Orthodox Church in Blantyre.  He also has an encouraging whatsapp ‘daily devotions ministry’.  He is married to Madalo and they have six children.

“Many thanks to God and you all for the support we have been receiving through Rev. R Beaton and Beracah Support Ministry.

We have been friends with Pastor R Beaton for 11 years now.  He has been very kind and caring to us, he helped me when I was in Johannesburg doing my Bachelors Degree in Theology, he has been visiting us in ministry when we were in Kasungu and Ntcheu Districts, he also helped us with money when we were broke to pay bills that we had, and not long ago he also helped me with hospital bills when my wife was sick.

1. Madalo Tamaona (My wife) 2. Innocent 3. Calling  4. Passion 5. Progress  6. Providence  7. Chosen Joseph (According to age from Innocent to Joseph).
May God bless all partners of Beracah Support Ministry.
Your support is highly appreciated and needed here in Malawi.”