Pastor Assan Miracle Nkhoma

Pastor Nkhoma is the National Education Co-ordinator for the Zambezi Evangelical Church.

We thank God that his study fees are now fully paid up and he can ‘get on’ with upgrading his own education.

“Assan Miracle Nkhomah is my name, a pastor of Zambezi Evangelical Church.

I started ministering as a pastor in the year 2005 after graduating with a Diploma in Theology at Zambezi College of Ministry in the same year. My first church where I ministered was at Mzimba, Eswazini, to be specific. In 2013 I was appointed to be National Education Coordinator for the Zambezi Evangelical Church until now. I still have an interest in knowing more about God’s ministry and this had been forcing me to upgrade my education but my main obstacle has been school fees. It has been my prayer for some years to God for school fees for me to upgrade. Praise be to God for answering my prayers through Beracah Support Ministry, with God’s help now I will upgrade.  I am now doing a Bachelor of Theology Degree with T-Net which is under Minnesota School of Graduates.  I am presently in the second semester of the first year.  Amen.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers as he continues to serve the church and study.