Merry Christmas

Beaton Bulletin September – November

Who can believe it’s only a few weeks until Christmas? We have celebrated two birthdays recently (Lesley and Mika).

Homeschooling was on recess for some weeks which the teacher particularly enjoyed and might extend, as she has so many craft projects on the go!

Rachel will be leaving for New Zealand in January ’18 to attend the KingsWay school for her final year of schooling.  Big shout out to friends and family who have made this possible, and to the School Board.  The Lord has truly answered so many prayers!

We, as a family, hope to go to the UK in April/May to visit friends and mission supporters.  Big thanks to a couple of our long-time mission partners  who have demonstrated their hearts to see us by generously covering the cost of the air tickets.

Lesley organized an ActionAid fundraising Swimathon at the local primary school as Robbie is running the London marathon in April to raise money for under-privileged women and children.  We raised 410pounds and are already 50% of the way to our 2000 pound target.  Huge thanks to all those who have donated to ActionAid so far.  All further donations will be gratefully received:

Robbie is teaching preaching at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi again this semester.  He continues to preach regularly and support pastors through Beracah Support Ministry (see drop-down menu above).

The girls did very well in the ‘Handy Pony’ obstacle course.  Hope came first in her category with Jessie close behind her in second and Rachel was third in her category.  Colin and Michael are golfing on Saturday mornings and all the kids are swim-training twice a week and doing karate.

Prayer Points:

  1. Give thanks for air-tickets to New Zealand and the UK .
  2. Pray that we will procure the necessary visas in time.
  3. Thank God for the success of the ActionAid swimathon fundraiser.
  4. Ask the Lord to bless Lesley and the children as they continue home-schooling.
  5. Ask the Lord to bless Robbie’s preaching and teaching, and his work with the pastors.

Beaton Bulletin (June/July/August 2017)

Daddy’s Birthday

On the home-front we have celebrated three birthdays in the last three months (no surprises there!). Our landlord has had a fence erected around the entire property which helps with security but means that we have had workers on site for over a month!

We have a lovely, new desk-top computer in the school room. What a thoughtful and generous gift from the All Nations Foursquare Church in New Plymouth, New Zealand! It has a large monitor and comes with good specs to help the children with their education programs.

We praise God that it looks like Rachel will be going to Auckland for her final year of schooling next year (2018) at the KingsWay School, Auckland. She has been offered a bursary covering tuition and will stay with family and friends while there. Air tickets have been provided for and we now just need the visa.

Robbie has had many preaching opportunities in recent months. What a privilege to see people respond to Word and Spirit in different ways.

Beracah Support Ministry continues to impact lives: supporting a number of ‘new’ pastors in furthering their studies, helping others to finish building their houses, and offering pastoral and financial assistance to many in a variety of other ways, as needed.

“So is my Word… It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11)

Prayer Prompts:

⦁ Give thanks for better health in the family
⦁ Give thanks for the new school computer and the folk at Foursquare, All Nations NZ
⦁ Praise God for the wonderful opportunity for Rachel to go to NZ
⦁ Pray for the preaching of God’s Word and the spiritual growth of all who respond
⦁ Thank God for those who generously contribute to the work of Beracah
⦁ Ask God to provide for us as we look to visit friends and mission partners in the UK in April/May next year

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