Ministry update

These are some of the ways Beracah Support Ministry is helping pastors around Malawi.  Get involved and help a pastor in a very personal way. (See also the testimonies above!)

Pastor Peter Dick

Ps. Dick oversees seven churches.  He planted and established the first one and six more in the Southern region have been planted and are growing in faith, knowledge and numbers.  Beracah has put him through YWAM’s Discipleship Training School and recently purchased a motorbike to transport him to the various churches, to do his God given work.

Pastor Chikondi Tamaona

We praise God that Ps. Tamaona is settled in at the International Theological Seminary in California, USA, where he has a full tuition scholarship to study towards a Master of Theology Degree.  God has wonderfully enabled us to provide for his visa and flights and his initial accommodation and food costs.  Since arriving in the US others have come in to help him and support his family back here in Malawi (God is good).

Hackson Chikodzera

Give thanks for the completion of Ps. Chikodzera’s house in Ntcheu.  He writes, “This is the khonde for the house.  Thanks very much for the assistance you gave us!”

Pastor Sadweck Mphamba

Pr.Sadweck Billiat Mphamba writes ” I am a born again pastor who is ministering at Mwanza Z.E.C This year i decided to go to school.Therefore, i applied to Hands On Africa Theological Seminary for a Bàchelor’s Degree. I have been accepted and i have started. Costs include fees, transport and books.  I thank God for giving me this opportunity to learn more of his Word which will enable me to better minister to the people of God.  I thank God so much for this development. Please , pray for me and my studies, and there is a need of a Laptop.”  Beracah has set him on his way with the first payment but to complete the Degree he requires further support.


Pastor Levie Kamodzi

Ps. Kamodzi writes: “I’m pastor Levie Kamodzi, from Machinga. I would like to thank pastor R Beaton and Beracah Support Ministry for the financial support it has been rendering to my family and I.  And above all, I would like to give thanks for the tuition and other fees for me at EBCoM (Evangelical Bible College of Malawi).  To be honest, I could not have managed if there could be no such support. It’s my prayer that the Almighty God should bless the Beracah ministry.”



Prayer House Mulanje

Thank God for the new concrete floor at the Kachere prayer house, a satellite of Mulanje ZEC.  Ps Synoden Mulamba writes: ” This is what it looks like inside the building now, again and again, thank you for the help. The Church is requesting you to come and see!”


Pastor LLoyd Kaumphawi graduated with a Bachelor of Theology Degree from the George Whitfield College in Muizenburg, Cape Town at the end of November.  Congratulations!  He wants to thank Beracah for supporting him throughout his three year degree course.


Some Words of thanks:

Ps. Chaziya writes: “Abusa (Pastor), from me and my wife we thank and praise the Lord because of your gift to help us to buy food.  We are very happy now as we have maize through to the end of January 2019.  We also praise God as a family for the school fees received for my son and my daughter.”

Ps. Nseula says: “3 bags of maize now bought using the gift of money u gave us, we appreciate for this gift you gave us, may God bless you abundantly.”

Ps. Chaperapatenga: “School fees have been received.  May God bless you abundantly!”

We give praise to the Lord that many are being helped with maize, the provision of school fees for their children, and other pressing needs.


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