Beaton’s News/Prayer Items

Please continue to pray for wisdom and energy for Lesley as she home-schools our children, generally nurtures the family, teaches swimming, helps on various women’s groups in the community and offers hospitality to many passing through Zomba.

Pray for Michael (8) who is learning to read and Jedidiah (3) and Judah (2) who very much enjoy their reading time, songs and games every morning. Give thanks for Rachel’s (18) excellent NCEA exam results and for the Lord’s guidance and provision as she returns to Auckland to study Youth Ministry and do an internship at her church. Thank God for the recent baptisms of Colin (16), Hope May (12), Jessie (11) and Mika (10) and pray for their spiritual growth going forward. Pray for Robbie as he preaches and teaches in local churches and provides pastoral care to pastors. Pray for resources for Beracah Support Ministry through which he supports faithful pastors by facilitating further study/training, helping to pay school- fees for their children, providing maize in crises, and sponsoring building work where needed. Also pray that he will complete his PhD in missiology this year. Finally, please pray for pastors in Malawi who face many challenges, including: extremely low income, poor housing conditions, malaria (and other diseases), nominalism in the churches and not least, syncretism (including witchcraft activities and other related traditional religious practices). Ask the Lord to strengthen and protect them to serve fruitfully in this context.

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