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Please continue to pray for wisdom and energy for Lesley as she home-schools our children, generally nurtures the family, teaches swimming, helps on various women’s groups in the community and offers hospitality to many passing through Zomba.

Pray for Michael (8) who is learning to read and Jedidiah (3) and Judah (2) who very much enjoy their reading time, songs and games every morning. Give thanks for Rachel’s (18) excellent NCEA exam results and for the Lord’s guidance and provision as she returns to Auckland to study Youth Ministry and do an internship at her church. Thank God for the recent baptisms of Colin (16), Hope May (12), Jessie (11) and Mika (10) and pray for their spiritual growth going forward. Pray for Robbie as he preaches and teaches in local churches and provides pastoral care to pastors. Pray for resources for Beracah Support Ministry through which he supports faithful pastors by facilitating further study/training, helping to pay school- fees for their children, providing maize in crises, and sponsoring building work where needed. Also pray that he will complete his PhD in missiology this year. Finally, please pray for pastors in Malawi who face many challenges, including: extremely low income, poor housing conditions, malaria (and other diseases), nominalism in the churches and not least, syncretism (including witchcraft activities and other related traditional religious practices). Ask the Lord to strengthen and protect them to serve fruitfully in this context.

Ministry update

These are some of the ways Beracah Support Ministry is helping pastors around Malawi.  Get involved and help a pastor in a very personal way. (See also the testimonies above!)

Pastor Peter Dick

Ps. Dick oversees seven churches.  He planted and established the first one and six more in the Southern region have been planted and are growing in faith, knowledge and numbers.  Beracah has put him through YWAM’s Discipleship Training School and recently purchased a motorbike to transport him to the various churches, to do his God given work.

Pastor Chikondi Tamaona

We praise God that Ps. Tamaona is settled in at the International Theological Seminary in California, USA, where he has a full tuition scholarship to study towards a Master of Theology Degree.  God has wonderfully enabled us to provide for his visa and flights and his initial accommodation and food costs.  Since arriving in the US others have come in to help him and support his family back here in Malawi (God is good).

Hackson Chikodzera

Give thanks for the completion of Ps. Chikodzera’s house in Ntcheu.  He writes, “This is the khonde for the house.  Thanks very much for the assistance you gave us!”

Pastor Sadweck Mphamba

Pr.Sadweck Billiat Mphamba writes ” I am a born again pastor who is ministering at Mwanza Z.E.C This year i decided to go to school.Therefore, i applied to Hands On Africa Theological Seminary for a Bàchelor’s Degree. I have been accepted and i have started. Costs include fees, transport and books.  I thank God for giving me this opportunity to learn more of his Word which will enable me to better minister to the people of God.  I thank God so much for this development. Please , pray for me and my studies, and there is a need of a Laptop.”  Beracah has set him on his way with the first payment but to complete the Degree he requires further support.


Pastor Levie Kamodzi

Ps. Kamodzi writes: “I’m pastor Levie Kamodzi, from Machinga. I would like to thank pastor R Beaton and Beracah Support Ministry for the financial support it has been rendering to my family and I.  And above all, I would like to give thanks for the tuition and other fees for me at EBCoM (Evangelical Bible College of Malawi).  To be honest, I could not have managed if there could be no such support. It’s my prayer that the Almighty God should bless the Beracah ministry.”



Prayer House Mulanje

Thank God for the new concrete floor at the Kachere prayer house, a satellite of Mulanje ZEC.  Ps Synoden Mulamba writes: ” This is what it looks like inside the building now, again and again, thank you for the help. The Church is requesting you to come and see!”


Pastor LLoyd Kaumphawi graduated with a Bachelor of Theology Degree from the George Whitfield College in Muizenburg, Cape Town at the end of November.  Congratulations!  He wants to thank Beracah for supporting him throughout his three year degree course.


Some Words of thanks:

Ps. Chaziya writes: “Abusa (Pastor), from me and my wife we thank and praise the Lord because of your gift to help us to buy food.  We are very happy now as we have maize through to the end of January 2019.  We also praise God as a family for the school fees received for my son and my daughter.”

Ps. Nseula says: “3 bags of maize now bought using the gift of money u gave us, we appreciate for this gift you gave us, may God bless you abundantly.”

Ps. Chaperapatenga: “School fees have been received.  May God bless you abundantly!”

We give praise to the Lord that many are being helped with maize, the provision of school fees for their children, and other pressing needs.


Visiting friends

So blessed to visit Pastor Patrick Chimbali and his lovely family (Khumbo, Joshua, Glory and Sarah) today in Ncheu. Pastor Patrick runs Bible Word Ministries which is a bible teaching and evangelism  ministry in his local area of Ncheu (central region). We praise God for the provision of funds to almost finish their home before the rainy season begins.

Ministry Update: August 2018

Robbie has had great opportunities to preach the Word in a number of churches of different sizes and denominational affiliations, and in different locations over the past weeks.  It has been a real encouragement to see the Holy Spirit working in His people and drawing others to Himself.

As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:10-11).

Big thanks to all who have contributed to the work of Beracah Support Ministry recently:

It is exciting to report that Pastor Innocent Wachimwa, who was a former student at EBCOM, now a senior lecturer and key figure, has registered for  Master of Divinity Degree through The CCAP (Church of Africa Presbyterian) Synod University in Blantyre.  He thanks Beracah for helping him to get going… Thank God too that someone has already come in to cover the remainder of his first semester fees.

Pastor Chikondi Tamaona has arrived in California, USA to begin a Masters Degree in Theology at the International Theological Seminary.  He thanks God for those who contributed towards visa, flight tickets and accommodation en route.  Pray for provision for his first semester accommodation and food (not included in the scholarship) and for the Lord to meet all the needs of his family while he is away.  

Pastor LLoyd Kaumphawi has begun his final semester of a Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College in Cape Town.  He is very grateful for the generous financial support taking him this far. Please pray that he will complete the course and for finances to cover his final semester.

We thank God for the recent election of Pastor Bison James to the office of General Secretary of the Zambesi Evangelical Church.  He has recently registered for the fourth module, ‘Professional Development’, of his Master of Business Administration Degree, through UNICAF.  He thanks Beracah for the ongoing sponsorship enabling him to do these studies.  Please pray for him as he juggles leadership of a denomination with family responsibilities and personal studies.

Give praise for the recent leadership seminars that Pastor Peter Dick was able to conduct with rural pastors and church leaders in Mocambique.  He thanks God for the provision of finances to do that.  Pray for the provision of a small motorbike for him, to enable him to visit and encourage the seven churches dependent on him, more regularly.

We also give thanks for the many smaller contributions that Robbie has been able to make to pastors over the last couple of months, covering a variety of needs, including: school fees for children, bags of maize, debt relief, outstanding rent etc.  Pastors here in Malawi face many challenges.  They are immensely grateful for any support that they receive.

If you would like to help met any of the ongoing needs mentioned above or just to make a general contribution to the work of supporting pastors here in Malawi please contact Robbie (  We are very grateful to those who already support this work in various ways, but we are praying for more mission partners who will stand with us, by providing the necessary resources to bless God’s servants.

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We are home

We are home from a twelve week road/train/plane trip taking in Cape Town, Reading, Norfolk, Windermere, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Johannesburg.  It was a real blessing to reconnect with Friends and Mission Partners and to make new contacts along the way.  But it is amazing to be home. And we are settling well back to life in Malawi.

Please pray

For expedience in the renewal process for our Temporary Employment Permit.

For the 7 pastors that Robbie is presently supporting financially in their further academic studies through Berecah Support Ministry.

If you would like to support the Beaton Family and/or Beracah Support Ministry

please contact: Esther at the Avail office:

                         Or Robbie Directly on:


Beaton Bulletin January/February/March 2018

Family and Ministry

2018 has started with a bang!  colin and dadWe celebrated Colin’s 16th birthday earlier this month.Where do the years go? rachel and dadRachel is happily attending the KingWayschool in Auckland, New Zealand.  She loves the many activities on offer, and is making new friends and embracing the challenge of adjusting to the classroom.  She has settled very well into family life with our good friends, the Budlers, and is enjoying being the youngest in the family.  Lesley and the rest of the clan have worked hard to reach their home-schooling goals.  Robbie has had a number of opportunities to preach the Word (in New Zealand and Malawi).29249491_2005361179705339_7892713137588142080_n

29542126_2009564039285053_2580485395411741912_nLesley organized a second fundraiser, a 5k run/walk, for the ActionAid charity on Saturday.  Robbie is running the London marathon in four weeks-time and is now 65% of the way to his 2000 pound target.  Please help him to reach this target and so contributeto improving living conditions for women and children.  Donate through this link:

SA/UK Trip

We are happy to report that we have been granted our UK visas.  So, it is all systems go for travel next week (28th March). We plan to spend two weeks in Cape Town before embarking on a 7 1/2 week tour of the UK, taking in Reading (14-20 April), Windemere (23 April -2nd May), Glasgow (3-19 May) Copy of Graduation Party Template (1)and Edinburgh (20-30th May).  We are excited to visit partner churches and catch up with mission partners and friends all over the UK.  If you would like to see us and we have not yet managed to connect please do make contact with us (details below).  We would love to see you and will make every effort to make that happen! We will end our tour with some time in Johannesburg.

Contact Details:


  • We thank God that Rachel has settled so well to life in NZ.
  • We give thanks and praise for the visas (NZ and UK)
  • We give thanks for mission partners who have helped to make the upcoming trip possible.
  • Pray for safe travels.
  • Pray for the strengthening of existing relationships and the forging of new ones as we travel.
  • Ask God to provide for all our needs as a family.

Beaton Bulletin September – November

Who can believe it’s only a few weeks until Christmas? We have celebrated two birthdays recently (Lesley and Mika).

Homeschooling was on recess for some weeks which the teacher particularly enjoyed and might extend, as she has so many craft projects on the go!

Rachel will be leaving for New Zealand in January ’18 to attend the KingsWay school for her final year of schooling.  Big shout out to friends and family who have made this possible, and to the School Board.  The Lord has truly answered so many prayers!

We, as a family, hope to go to the UK in April/May to visit friends and mission supporters.  Big thanks to a couple of our long-time mission partners  who have demonstrated their hearts to see us by generously covering the cost of the air tickets.

Lesley organized an ActionAid fundraising Swimathon at the local primary school as Robbie is running the London marathon in April to raise money for under-privileged women and children.  We raised 410pounds and are already 50% of the way to our 2000 pound target.  Huge thanks to all those who have donated to ActionAid so far.  All further donations will be gratefully received:

Robbie is teaching preaching at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi again this semester.  He continues to preach regularly and support pastors through Beracah Support Ministry (see drop-down menu above).

The girls did very well in the ‘Handy Pony’ obstacle course.  Hope came first in her category with Jessie close behind her in second and Rachel was third in her category.  Colin and Michael are golfing on Saturday mornings and all the kids are swim-training twice a week and doing karate.

Prayer Points:

  1. Give thanks for air-tickets to New Zealand and the UK .
  2. Pray that we will procure the necessary visas in time.
  3. Thank God for the success of the ActionAid swimathon fundraiser.
  4. Ask the Lord to bless Lesley and the children as they continue home-schooling.
  5. Ask the Lord to bless Robbie’s preaching and teaching, and his work with the pastors.

Beaton Bulletin (June/July/August 2017)

Daddy’s Birthday

On the home-front we have celebrated three birthdays in the last three months (no surprises there!). Our landlord has had a fence erected around the entire property which helps with security but means that we have had workers on site for over a month!

We have a lovely, new desk-top computer in the school room. What a thoughtful and generous gift from the All Nations Foursquare Church in New Plymouth, New Zealand! It has a large monitor and comes with good specs to help the children with their education programs.

We praise God that it looks like Rachel will be going to Auckland for her final year of schooling next year (2018) at the KingsWay School, Auckland. She has been offered a bursary covering tuition and will stay with family and friends while there. Air tickets have been provided for and we now just need the visa.

Robbie has had many preaching opportunities in recent months. What a privilege to see people respond to Word and Spirit in different ways.

Beracah Support Ministry continues to impact lives: supporting a number of ‘new’ pastors in furthering their studies, helping others to finish building their houses, and offering pastoral and financial assistance to many in a variety of other ways, as needed.

“So is my Word… It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11)

Prayer Prompts:

⦁ Give thanks for better health in the family
⦁ Give thanks for the new school computer and the folk at Foursquare, All Nations NZ
⦁ Praise God for the wonderful opportunity for Rachel to go to NZ
⦁ Pray for the preaching of God’s Word and the spiritual growth of all who respond
⦁ Thank God for those who generously contribute to the work of Beracah
⦁ Ask God to provide for us as we look to visit friends and mission partners in the UK in April/May next year

Contact us:

Facebook: Robles Beaton